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Modernize Your
Complex Invoice Management Process

Other companies give you software that gives you visibility… but they don’t give you the support and insights you need to actually modernize your process.  

We give you full visibility through InvoiceVue and make sure you and your team are supported with the right expertise behind that visibility.

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One Spot. One click. 
All the data you need.

InvoiceVue tracks your inventory and ties it to your invoices. Backed by our unique algorithm, InvoiceVue brings everything together through automation.

Even charges that reach across departments.

Completely customized with our help

to fit your unique needs

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Assign inventory to any person, place or thing

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Gain confidence in billing accuracy with automated auditing

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Enhanced visibility with customizable reporting

Don’t Lose Your Data On “Spreadsheet Island”

We’re past spreadsheets for complex invoices, aren’t we? Add a sophisticated interconnection of data to your business that drives digital transformation.

Spreadsheet stress
  • Completely remove human touch from your invoice processing. 

  • Collect bills in a timely and efficient manner. 

  • Automatically feed your accounts payable and close your books faster. 

  • Feel confident you aren’t paying for things you don’t need to. 

  • Never overlook a billing mistake due to complex invoices.

  • Get your invoices routed to the right place through intelligent automation.

  • Fight back against “vendor sprawl” and manage expenses across services and carriers quickly and easily.

Meet Your Dedicated Team of Experts

Most companies just put in an account manager behind their software. At Cannon Group, you're supported by a full suite of highly-trained experts. We are people first, software second. 

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Our consultants are extremely knowledgeable IT experts. They’ll give you immediate & pre-emptive guidance.

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Your analyst will enable your consultant to deliver actionable advice from all your complex invoices.

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Project Manager

Never feel glazed over or like you’re just another account. Your dedicated PM will keep things on track.

Modernize Your Process In 4 Phases

  1. Discovery - We learn about you and your current contract spend, vendors, etc.

  2. Process Design - Plan which digital dots need to be connected and exactly how to connect them.

  3. Implementation - Integrate InvoiceVue and watch the simplicity take over.

  4. Management - Your team of experts will give you monthly insights and actionable guidance. Before you need them.

Feed the data anywhere it needs to go

Create a fully custom accounts payable file. InvoiceVue is completely flexible and can integrate with your existing systems.

The data we give you is formatted to feed perfectly into SAP, Oracle, and Workday. 

Global automobile case study-min-min

Case study:

Expense Management for a Global Automobile Manufacturer

A global automobile manufacturer wanted to modernize the management of its invoicing process. Their current system was outdated and relied heavily on repetitive manual tasks that overworked executive admins and managers, which slowed workflow and led to vendors being paid in arrears

See what our clients have to say

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We've worked with 100+ Fortune 1000 companies

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And many more!

Discuss modernizing your complex invoice management 

Our services are adaptable to your needs. Get in touch with an expert to see how InvoiceVue and a dedicated team of experts can modernize the complex invoice management process inside your company's unique infrastructure. 

We respond to all messages within 48 hours and you will be able to request a meeting, quote, or more information.